Frequently Asked Questions

The basics

how it works

Swipe is a fashion retailer that lets you order up to 5 items, try them at home, and only pay for what you keep! For the items you don't like, simply send them back before the return date, free of charge!
It’s simple! Take our style quiz and swipe on items that you like, and skip items that you don't. Our algorithms will then get a sense of your style and create the perfect box of 5 items for you. Once your shipping and contact information will be confirmed, we'll ask for a $20 refundable deposit to confirm your order, and then it will be shipped directly to your home or place or work! Upon receiving your package, you’ll have 10 days as of the shipping date to try everything on at home. Keep the items you like and return the rest! Simply log into your account to indicate which item(s) you’d like to purchase and which you are returning. It’s worth taking the time to rate your items too, this way we can improve your next package.

Every day, we make sure that our distribution facilities and employees follow the strict guidelines set by the Public Health Agency. Since our products are all packaged in plastic bags from our suppliers, there's a very limited probability that any virus can be propagated via the clothes sent to our customers.
During the crisis, we've extended our try-on period to 14 days, giving our customers time to return items they don't want to keep. In the event that an item is sent back after the return date, our 365-day return policy will still be applicable. This means the customer will only have to return the clothes 365 days after the original purchase, using the pre-paid label sent with the package.


The only upfront cost will be the $20 deposit, charged every time you confirm an order. This cost includes free shipping and returns for your items. If you wish to keep some purchases, the $20 deposit will be put toward the price of the clothes you keep. If you want to send back all of your items, the $20 will automatically be refunded via your payment details.
The $20 deposit is applied to every order made and covers free shipping and returns. The deposit will be refunded to your payment method if you decide not to keep any item(s) from your order.
Yes! The deposit will be automatically refunded if you return every item in your delivery.
You’ll be charged a $20 deposit when you confirm your order. Afterward, you’ll only be charged if you decide to purchase the items completely after you’ve enjoyed the try-before-you-buy period.
We have a 365-day return policy, on condition that all clothes must still be tagged and in their original condition.
You can choose to receive a new box every two weeks, every month, every two months or only one time to test it out. You can change or cancel the frequency of your new boxes at any time directly in your profile.
No! The swipe quiz will help us really get your style to send you the perfect box of 5 items!
No, but you are limited to 5 items per order.
You can order a maximum of 5 items per package.
Simply log into your account and click on “Buy”. Remember to always complete your checkout online before your return date!
We charge US dollars for our US customers, and canadians dollars for our canadians customers.
Once you've completed the checkout process, and you've indicated which items you'd like to keep, we will charge those products directly via your specified payment method. If your box is not returned before your return date, then all of the items will be charged to your specified payment method.
Depending on the designer and brand, our clothes can vary from $29 to $459 for higher-end pieces. Pricing is listed under each product.
Yes! If you buy one or more items, your $20 deposit will be put toward the overall cost of your product(s).
We only ship one box at a time, per account. Before making any new orders, you must first complete your current purchase or return previous items.
Yes! We have a 365-day return policy, on condition that the clothes must be returned tagged and in their original condition.
Orders cannot be canceled once they’re confirmed and the $20 deposit is charged. However, returns are free.
There’s no penalty fee for late returns. If you return your box outside of the 10-day try-on period, we will assume you’re buying all the items included in your box and charge the whole package. The $20 deposit will be put toward items purchased.

shipping & returns

You have 10 days as of the date of the shipment to try everything on at home. You will not be billed for returned items as long as your return shipment is postmarked by 4:00 pm CST on your return date, and your checkout is completed in your account. Your return date can be found in your account and on the invoice received with your box.
The try-on period is the timeframe during which you can try on your clothes at home before deciding to purchase or return the items. It starts as of the date of the shipment and lasts 10 days.
Your return date can be found on the invoice placed in your box. It is also available in your account information, on our website.
Yes! We regularly use UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and USPS for shipments throughout the US, and we use Canada Post for our shipments in Canada.
To avoid any charges, all items must be returned unworn, with all labels intact, and in their original condition. Any items worn before being returned will be charged to your account.
To return your package:

- Log into your account and select which pieces you’d like to purchase, and which you'd like to return.

- Rate the items received and complete the checkout process.

- Use the prepaid label found in your original deliver and return your clothes before your return date.

We are shipping from both our warehouses in Canada and in the US, in order for you to receive your package as fast as possible!
Simply log into your account and indicate which items you'd like to keep and which ones you'll be returning. Then give your items a rating to help us improve our service. That’s it!
You must complete the checkout process in your account before your return date, otherwise you’ll be charged for all of the items, even if your box is returned to us later.
No! We only need to receive the postmark with the date and hour that the package was handed to your shipping provider. You also need to complete the checkout process before your return date.
You can find a copy of your return label directly in your account. Simply log in to our website and find the return label for your last delivery. You can then print the label and attach it to your return box. Please do not buy another return label, otherwise we won’t be able to track your package and you might be charged for the whole box.
You will receive a confirmation email once your package has arrived at our warehouse.
We ship to all of the US states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We also ship throughout Canada.
International shipping is not available at this time.
Whenever we send you a delivery, you'll receive a confirmation email including a tracking number. Your tracking number can also be found in your account details on our website.


Simply log into your account and edit your shipping and billing address information. Please note that you won’t be able to modify the shipping address for a delivery once it has been confirmed.
We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, etc.). We do not accept prepaid cards, gift cards, or Paypal.
Simply log into your account and you'll be able to modify all payment information.

brands & designers

We’re partnered with over 200 established designers, including local brands. Take our style quiz to have the chance to discover new upcoming brands and more established ones that you already like.
Because we carry over 100 different designers, we don’t have size charts for each brand. The brands we're partnered with provide regular size charts, available in North America, meaning that a regular “small” size, for example, will also be a regular “small” size with us.
Most of our brands carry sizes ranging from 0 to 16 (XS to XXL).

Ambassadors program

The Ambassadors Program is open to everyone. Upon acceptance in the Program, you'll receive a personal link and a promo code to invite your friends and colleagues to try Swipe at a discount. Every time you refer someone, you get $25 cash reward!
Easy! When you're accepted in the Ambassadors Program, you'll be able to get access to your personal dashboard, where you'll have access to links, promo codes and different assets to promote Swipe in your circle of friends. Every time you refer someone, you'll receive $25 cash reward, deposit directly in your bank account!
Check out the page "Refer a friend" on our website, and you'll be able to apply to our Ambassadors Program.
Nope! You can use the $25 cash reward as many time as you refer someone!
Yes you can! Upon acceptance in the Ambassadors Program, you'll get an exclusive promo code giving $15 discount to every person you refer. It means $15 discount for them, and $25 cash reward for you!